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What a surprise to have Manni, from iBake Cakes, sharing her {Fondant Cupcakes}.
We are absolutely thrilled to have Manni and her stunning talent!  
Looking forward to seeing her stop by more!

From Miss Manni: 

I love covering cupcakes with fondant it’s like a mini canvas that I can decorate anyway I please. They are absolutely adorable! I learned how to cover fondant by watching YouTube and reading a lot of books. However the only way, you ever learn is by doing. Like they say “practice makes perfect”.
Please make sure that you have vegetable shortening on hand as this is going to help with making sure the fondant stays pliable. Depending on what kind of fondant you use, it’s all trial and error. I like to use Satin Ice which works for me.  Please note that these instructions are based on my experience. I’m constantly learning so if anyone has any tips or tricks, please share them with others. Thanks!

Step #1- Bake your favourite cupcake. I baked my basic chocolate cupcake!

Step #2- Use butter cream as it’s the one that holds its shape very well. A tip that works for me is to refrigerate the butter cream for approx. 1 hour (or until the butter cream is in a semi-hard state) so that the icing hardens up a bit. It’s so much easier to apply the butter cream when it’s semi-hard. I like to apply the cream with a butter knife; however you can use whatever you have on hand. Grab a big chunk of the icing and put it in the centre of the cupcake. Try to smooth out as much as you can, doesn’t have to be perfect. Do not try to get the butter cream too close to the edges. (See photo for details)  Try to shape it as close to a dome as possible. Once you are complete put all the cupcakes back into the refrigerator.

Step #3- Smoothing out the icing is very easy; you will need a butter knife for smoothing the rough edges. Dip the knife into a glass of hot water and then smooth out the butter cream. No need to make it perfect as long as you can get a smooth enough surface so that the fondant will not show any bumps.

Step #4- To determine the size of the cutter you will need to fit the cutter around one of the cupcakes. If it just slips over than it’s too small, go one size up so that you see about a ¼” space around the cupcake. The reason being is that the height of the cupcake needs to be considered and therefore it requires more. The less of a dome you have then the smaller the circle will be.  

Step #5- I like to roll out small portions of my fondant, I only do about 2-3 circles. Reason being is that I don’t use powdered sugar to roll out the fondant, I use vegetable shortening. Not a lot, but enough to make sure that it comes off my table. Just with the little bit of shortening that I use the fondant is pretty tacking and it helps to adhere to the cupcake. If you roll out a big piece of fondant, it can dry up a lot faster. It’s very hard to smooth out the fondant and in some cases the fondant has small cracks otherwise known as “elephant skin”. See what works for you, but remember if you do use powdered sugar than use a bit of water on the underside to ensure it sticks to the butter cream.  TIP: I like to cover my fondant with Saran wrap to prevent the fondant from drying.

Step #6 – Once you have the circle fondant cut: place it in the palm of your hand and let it warm up a bit. This will help make it pliable and easier to smooth out.  Next gently flip the cupcake onto your palm (as show in photo) and slowly using your hands, gently cup it and start smoothing.  Everyone will have their own technique on finishing, so see what works for you. Remember to try this out on a practice cupcake!

Step #7– Keep smoothing and remember to not put too much pressure on the top. I find my baby fingers work well especially for the edges! Once you are happy with your dome, you’re ready to decorate your cupcake!!

The photo below shows the cupcake from start to finish (well minus the decorations!!)

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  1. Christine @ Pure Joy Events says

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I always wanted to know how to do this. Your dome looks so smooth!

  2. Manni says

    Thank you Natalie for featuring me. I'm really blessed to have a wonderful friend like you:) I really enjoyed doing this tutorial and love sharing what I've learned.

  3. Yaneri says

    oh my gosh! I love this!! I always wanted to learn how to do this!! I'm learning how to create yummy cupcakes and to decorate! So passionate about it had to create my blog too!

    Thank You so much for sharing this! Your so inspiring!!! Gonna keep visiting you! I added your blog to my sidebar over at my blog called Sweet Bakes Of Mine!!


  4. Yvonne @ StoneGable says

    Natalie, I have just spent about an hour exploring and being very inspired by you beautiful and creative blog! Oh my goodness. What a talent you have. I am leaving with a big smile on my face and many wonderful ideas.
    I came over by way of Manni.
    Wonderful to meet you!

  5. CailinMarie says

    hmmm – cool and I'm glad to know their IS buttercream underneath. but I am still mystified – where to get fondant – and does it taste as good as it looks?

  6. cake goddess says

    Hi Manni and Southern Belle's Charm!!!

    I've stumbled on your tutorial, Manni, via The Cupcake Blog, where I saw your gorgeous teal cupcakes. Really beautiful! I love the way you see fondant as a blank artist's canvas, I wish I had that view…

    Thanks so much for sharing how to do this :)


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