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Their Story

Starting with the finest ingredients and a passion for baking, we’ve grown from just one bakery, a San Francisco favorite, to a leading national brand.  After all these years, we’re still committed to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.  With a tenacious drive to succeed, the Ly brothers made pastries from scratch and sold them to the local community.  Using only the purest ingredients, Sugar Bowl Bakery quickly became known as the local stop everyone went to for their desserts.  Customers would often tell the brothers that their pastries were so good that they should consider expanding their distribution.  The brothers listened and a dream for delivering quality desserts to all Americans was born.  Fast forward 27 years later, Sugar Bowl Bakery now has nearly 120K sq. ft of state-of the art production facilities – that means custom made ovens, mixers, and robotic packaging lines – sourced from all over the world.  Automation and purchasing quality ingredients in volume allows Sugar Bowl Bakery to deliver high quality desserts at affordable prices to grocery stores, and warehouse clubs.  No longer a small coffee shop, Sugar Bowl Bakery is now one of America’s largest family-owned, national minority certified bakery manufacturer selling to the top retailers in the USA.

Petite Sweets

As a fan of all things petite and sweet, I was thrilled with the box full of Sugar Bowl Bakery goodies arrived.  Each item was packaged perfectly which made the sweets fresh and moist.  My absolute favorite was the Petite Palmiers.  They were crisp and flaky which was perfect with my morning cup of hot sweet tea.  The Duet Bites and Madeleines were my hubby’s favorite.  In fact, he loved them so much he took the boxes to work to share.  Within, 20 minutes they were gone.  The ladies were thrilled and wanted to know where they could purchase them.  My son adored the Petite Brownie Bites.  He is a huge fan of chocolate so these were perfect for him.  I decided to create some fun goodies in honor of his favorite flavorings: Mint & Cherry.

Products Sugar Bowl Bakery

Mint Delight

Petite Brownie Bite layered with mint buttercream frosting topped with another Petite Brownie Bite and more frosting. Embellished with white sprinkles.


Cherry Chocolate Mousse

Petite Brownie Bite layered with chocolate mousse topped with another Petite Brownie Bite and more mousse.  Embellished with a cherry.

You have got to try out these desserts.

They are perfect as is or can easily be embellished to save time in the kitchen!

Disclaimer: I received samples of the products for an unbiased review of the product.  For more information, please check out my disclosure policy.


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